“Personally, I am very fond of strawberries and cream, but I have found that for some strange reason, fish prefer worms.” – Dale Carnegie

At Simpligrab Consulting, We connect strategy, data and intelligence. Innovative research, surveys and solutions provide answers for key business questions around consumers, markets, brands and media – now and in the future. As an analytics and research partner, we promise to get your business increased, “Simpligrab our product”. Our Global presence helps in understanding the product and its feedback from various areas of service. We are headquartered in New Delhi, India.

Brand & Market Trends

It serves many purposes and can be used as a stand-alone research technique or as the initial stage of a project in primary research.

A market trend is a perceived tendency of consumers to move in a particular direction over time. These trends assist us to judge products and their acceptance to consumers. Example: Narrow bottom jeans took the trend from Loose fit Jeans.

The projects ranges from conducting studies covering:

  • Situational analysis
  • Determining feasibility of entering into a specific market
  • Category potential
  • Reporting competition strategy basis their progression and much more

Identifying correct Target Market and Product Positioning

As a market research agency, Simpligrab is endowed with a team of extremely experienced and knowledgeable individuals who are experts in the field of data collection. Identifying a target market helps your company develop effective marketing communication strategies. A target market is a set of individuals sharing similar needs or characteristics that your company hopes to serve. These individuals are usually the end users most likely to purchase your product. It is very important to understand the target market needs, acceptance, choices and feedback.

Enhanced Survey Situational Questions and Reactions

Our main goal is to provide you with the information that you may require at any time/stage. Our team of qualified researchers places high importance on accuracy and efficiency to ensure that you get the data you require, irrespective of the field. Additionally, we focus on a streamlined approach to ensure quality in every aspect of data collection. To ensure consistency, we offer extensive training programs and attract talent from diverse backgrounds at data collection level, which differentiates us from other market research companies. We emphasize on enhanced data collection at the time of consumer interaction to be able to judge minute opinions, reactions, inclination or acceptance to the end user.

Innovative Research Techniques

Simpligrab research looks to conduct sophisticated, large-scale surveys for our clients. The system facilitates the timely completion of surveys and makes data available upon completion of each survey and allows our highly qualified interviewers to remain focused on collecting quality data.

Our survey managers implement quality control measures by monitoring the progress of interviewers from remote supervisor stations. Interviewer productivity reports are generated regularly and are used to determine interviewer training needs.

  • Computer Aided Work Stations
  • Individual Telephonic Calls
  • Chatbots
  • Online Surveys
  • Social Media Polls
  • Direct Interviews
  • Group Discussions
  • Site of purchase Interview
  • Humour Building

Understanding brand impact before and after launch

Brand Impact Market Research is a method used to establish the effectiveness of advertising and brand messaging for a particular brand, product or service. It leads to insights into the strongest possible brand messaging that should be used to gain the maximum impact from the advertising and the brand itself.

As well as discovering the impact of brand messaging and advertising, it is also possible to use Brand Impact Market Research to explore the strength of association between particular messaging and competitors’ brands. The results can then be used to guide the client on strategic decisions about which marketing messages can be used to promote their brand, and which messages are already strongly linked to rival companies, and therefore should be avoided.

Solution based Research and Consulting

Consumers are the driving force in today’s economy. They drive the appetite for products, making the traditional models of supply and demand redundant. These customers have sky-high expectations of service and will not wait for supply to catch up with demand.

So how can retailers and manufacturers anticipate and respond to changing consumer preferences before they happen to maximize opportunities and sales? We believe it is time to redefine the nature of forecasting. We produce the future of products. Our USP is to get as attached to the consumers as possible to be able to fetch enough data from them and send out to the companies. We survey on an objective and provide solution and strategy advice along with it so as to reach closer to the target market.